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In this Feminist Friday post, I’m going to discuss bi1 erasure in social science research and news coverage. It’s bad enough having to do the closet hokey-pokey literally every single day of my life2, but when heterosexual/monosexual/cisgender social scientists and writers decide to pointedly ignore non-monosexual folks or write their thrilling conclusions about our personal lives without our input3, it very much affects us.

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Exhibit A: Erasure by Exclusion as Data 

This very scientific article from 2012 from Scientific American (the link is from donotlink, so click away) is here to sell you a pack of lies (which hurt het folks, too!):

[Image: Scientific American, Headline reads

[Image: Scientific American, Headline reads “Men and Women Can’t Be ‘Just Friends'”



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Today I’d like to share with you all some blog posts and articles about gender and culture that I’ve found quite interesting. Topics covered: the terminology of describing pairing, male privilege in geekdom, a new and awesome interpretation of Sailor Moon‘s girl power, target audiences for yuri/BL, and sexual imagination as cultural.

Happy Valentine's Day (via BeruBara Kids)

I hope to make this round-up regular feature on this site–maybe monthly or bimonthly. Readers, what do you think?


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