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Update, May 2015: Glen Tickle left The Mary Sue after that summer, thank Goddess, and after many months of the “About” description below, feminist is back in the picture.

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive, feminist community of people who not only love what they love but care about others who love it and have an intense passion for those who create it. Fan trends, social issues, geek fashion and art, innovative gadgets, and beyond: The Mary Sue is the heartbeat of geek culture.

Vast, vast improvement, connecting inclusivity and feminism to geek culture. The content, as I understand from what my friends share, is more inclusive than ever. It feels a bit like getting back together with a friend who burnt you badly and maybe cut off your arm. To me, though, owning that feminist status is just as important as owning your geek status.

Interrupting the series again for breaking news:

The Mary Sue merger has me feeling a bit like Obi-Wan today. 

You were the chosen one!

Source unknown, but memetastic.

Let me explain.

The Mary Sue, popular geek website for geek women by geek women, merged with Geekosystem, a sister site from Abrams Media. The merger was a decision from the top, and it’s been handled unbelievably poorly by everyone involved. I had seen the notices that it was going to happen but didn’t have time to check things out until toranosukev from Nubui Kuduchi showed me this.

About What Exactly?

Regarding the merger, an announcement like the following would have been the best call:


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