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It does not matter how clean  you keep your apartment; if you live in Japan, you will likely find a Japanese cockroach in your apartment once. I think this is more of a problem in the city, but even out here in the sticks they pop up sometimes. My apartment has been roach-free for the 14 months I’ve lived here.

Be that as it may, I have spiders a plenty, and I get the occasional grasshopper and nonpoisonous centipede in the summer. I’ve fought an epic battle with tatami bugs, or dani,  the biting mites that live in tatami during the spring. (I had to bug-bomb my apartment; now I follow a very strict anti-dani cleaning regimen.) There was also that month when the summer birds that nest above my front door kept dropping the crickets they tried to feed their chicks; the crickets proceeded to hang out in my genkan until I swept them out. And don’t get me started on the slugs that crawl into my bathroom window to chill in the (empty) ofuro until I chuck them back out the window.

But roaches? Nope. I have roach traps in the kitchen area anyway, just in case. I hadn’t changed them in a long time, though, because I had never seen a roach.  That changed this weekend, when I looked down while making tea near the gas range and saw a roach the size of my palm chilling out on the kitchen curtains.


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