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Daylight GateIn seeking out as much queer horror as I can find this year and every year, I found Jeanette Winterson’s novella The Daylight Gate listed on some recommended books lists. Winterson also wrote queer classic Oranges are the the Only Fruit, which I have yet to read (and should). That seemed like a glowing recommendation itself, and the reviews of the book often describe the book as “sophisticated…visceral…utterly compulsive, thick with atmosphere and dread, but sharp intelligence, too” (The Telegraph, back cover of the book). This is a case of “I see what the author was trying to do, but–”

Some mild spoilers and mentions of sexual abuse and prison conditions ahead.

The Daylight Gate could best be described as historical fiction with magical realism and bisexuality, all of which are things I love. Yet it reads more like the bare-bones outline of a novel that one writes to get the story down before adding in dialogue, descriptions, and, well, editing.


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