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The remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show aired yesterday on Fox, and though I haven’t seen it yet, I wanted to share this piece from Bitch Media about the complicated relationship between the queer community–particularly bi+ and trans folks–with this film.


Laverne Cox as Dr. Frank-n-Furter, who has just left a rainbow lipstick mark on the “screen” of the image. 


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I hate this movie so much.


JUST A COUPLE OF GAL PALS PALLING IT UP AMIRITE [Image: Roxy and Catherine kiss in the foreground in front of Nick, who is befuddled by the concept of bisexuality]

As I mentioned in my prior post on Basic Instinct, I had a post forthcoming on Bitch Flicks. And here it is, for your reading pleasure:


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While I was writing my piece on bierasure and biphobia in Basic Instinct (1992) for Bitch Flicks, my partner offered to take screenshots of some of the scenes I wrote about. They ended up taking way more than we needed, so here are a few of my favorites:


Nick, concerned, asks a detective, “What about me?” Man makes everything about himself, news at 11.

What about you, Nick? Nick has male privilege for DAYS. He comes in here with his dead eyes (I’d be dead on the inside too, Mike Doug), like “what about me, the cis straight hero, Nick Curran, detective and red-blooded male.” No one CARES, Nick.

Contains spoilers.


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