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Japan has a lot of three-day weekends–nearly one every month, and they’re a great time to travel. Recently, we had our Labor Thanksgiving Weekend, and I really wanted to go on a trip. Unfortunately, where I live is sort of remote. We have some local airports that basically only get service to Tokyo and some super-express trains, but we lack an international airport or the 新幹線 shinkansen, so getting places quickly and cheaply can be difficult. Because of the night buses and the flights to Haneda Airport, Tokyo is probably the easiest place to get to. However, since I was JUST in Tokyo on business, I didn’t really feel like turning around and going right back. Luckily, some of my friends were also not interested in spending their vacation on 12-hour train rides or shelling out for plane tickets, so we decided to do something you can really only do if you live in the country:

Road trip!


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